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Appointments and cancellations

We are able to accommodate most urgent appointments that are referred by a physician. Appointments are usually available within a 1-2 week period. If you need to cancel your appointment, kindly call us at least 24 hours before the appointment so our staff can give that appointment time to another patient.

There is a $100 charge for an EMG or VNG appointment that is not cancelled 24 hours prior to the office visit.


It is your responsibility to assure that all necessary referrals have been requested from your primary care provider in advance. Without appropriate referrals (when and if needed), you will be responsible for any fees related to your care during that visit.

Medication Refills

Refill requests will be accepted during normal business hours of 9:30 am through 4:30 pm. It is best to call for a refill 1 week prior to your medicine running out to prevent discontinuation of medication. Refills of controlled substances must be called in during normal business hours and will not be called in after hours or on weekends. For emergency refill requests after hours and on weekends, a $50 fee will be incurred.


Due to increasing administrative pressure on our staff, we ask that all forms for completion be brought to your office visit and presented to the medical assistant. If you are unable to come for an appointment and you require a form to be completed, there is a fee of $25 for form completion. Please allow up to 1 week for form completion. For urgent forms that require same day completion, there is a fee of $50.


Co-payments are required at the time of service. Credit cards, cash or checks are accepted. If you do not have health insurance coverage, we request payment for services on the day of service.

Cellular phone usage

To better serve you during your office visit, please silence all cellular phones while in the office. This is a courtesy not only for the doctor but also for the office staff and other patients.